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Smoke and Fire Inspections

Fire and smoke inspections play a major part in protecting and maintaining your life safety system. Your smoke and fire systems need to be functioning properly. Doing this would make sure you get the best out of your system in cases of fire. Smoke and fire inspections will help keep your system healthy and solve any impending problems. You do not want to be caught unaware when averting the spread of smoke and fire throughout your property.

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Recommended Smoke and Fire Inspections Periods

Smoke and Fire Inspections requires that all fire and smoke systems be inspected according to regulations within your area. So, repairs should begin as quickly as possible if your systems do not work correctly.

Smoke & Fire Damper Inspections

FrontLine fire and smoke inspection services include:

  • Regular Inspection of fire and smoke systems.
  • Locate and operate (i.e., actuate) all related systems, eliminating and resetting fusible link
  • Manually activate electric and pneumatic smoke systems to make sure they are operable.

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Regular smoke and fire inspections are crucial to everything you want to achieve with such systems. Having a faulty smoke and fire systems may cost you more in time. When you have a defective Fire and smoke system, it is likely to affect:

  • The air flow of the system.
  • Dramatically alter the balance in your property.



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