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Carbon Monoxide Sensor – being called as the “silent killer”, a colorless and odorless gas called carbon monoxide has recently been considered as a lethal hazard present at homes. Our carbon monoxide sensor will be placed in your sleeping areas, and just like the Smoke Sensors, this can save your life during the most vulnerable time of your day.

Frontline Security Systems to Keep Your Home or Business Safe
There are many reasons why you need to have security systems installed in your business or home. You need to understand that even in the best areas or places, crimes can occur on a regular basis. You can’t possibly avoid this through your own effort, but there’s something you can do in order to reduce the chances of your being affected of it. By having a security system installed in your business or home, it is a great way in order to keep your properties safe and protected without placing much effort at all.

After making simple investment, you properties will be monitored at any time of the day, 24/7. The only thing left that needs to be done is to pay the monthly monitoring fee that will guarantee complete protection for your properties. Just image the losses that you might get to experience when something disastrous happened to you place, which makes the Frontline Security Systems a worthy investment. We are offering wide ranging security options that can be customized based on what you need and don’t need and those that would work within your budget, in order for you to actually get the kind of security that you desire.

Whether you need a complete set of door entry sensors, wireless monitoring systems, infrared cameras, or smart security systems, you’ll be able to get it and more through Frontline Smart Security Systems. With us, you can easily find suitable options that will perfectly fit within your desired budget, and will eventually be able to live with peace of mind and greater sense of security.

When you think about the things that you can possibly lose if in case someone broke in or fire arises, our security system and alarm monitoring systems will be a logical investment. Not only that you will lose your business or home, but your employees’ and family’s systems can be placed in danger as well. You need to do whatever it would take in order to protect your home and business, together with your family and employee, which can be achieved through a good security system provided by a very reliable and one of the most trusted names in the industry, your frontline of defense, Frontline Smart Security. Even while you’re away, we will keep an eye on the entire things for you. We are offering the best security systems, alarm monitoring systems, and smart security systems that are available in the market today. Regardless of how small or big project you have in mind, we have complete security system stocks for you.
Our security systems, alarm monitoring systems, and smart security system work on simple concepts of securing the entry point into the home with the sensors that communicate or connected to your smartphones as well as in our monitoring room to get notifications in case of different kinds of emergencies. The sensors will be place in the doors that lead from and to your house and in easily accessible windows, especially those at the ground level. The open spaces in your home will get secured with our motion sensors that will alarm you in case of burglaries when you’re not around or at night.

Opting Frontline Security Systems as your security system provider will offer you the following:

  • Control Panel – the computer or any internet-connected device that will arm and disarm your security system. This communicates with each security component installed, triggers the alarm when the security zone is breached, and effectively communicates with our alarm monitoring team in case of fire or other undesirable situation.
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • High Decibel Alarm
  • Window Stickers and Yard Signs