Frontline Home Theater System Service in Pharr, TexasHome Entertainment

Home Entertainment Service in Pharr, Texas
The best Audio experience

  • High Quality Audio System
  • Work with Wifi-Network
  • 4k High Quality Definition Screens
  • Control Lights

Home Audio Systems & Surround Sound

If you want the whole experience when it comes to home entertainment you’ve come to the right place!
Frontline offer surround sound that can help you have the best experience when enjoying entertainment time with family or friends. Our multi-room audio provides a high quality audio system for your parties, football Sunday, movies and more! These sound systems work together with your wifi-network so there’s no need for extra cables!

Home Theater Room

Get the best visuals from our home theater room equipment.
Our home theater room experience includes many factors including lighting, sound and screen. The 4k High Quality definition from our screens will make you forget that you are at home. To add more to your experience we offer control lights and more.