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Fire Suppression System

A Fire Suppression System is designed with the intention of saving lives and property from the dangers accompanying fire. These systems are comparatively new and offer a cleaner approach to extinguishing fires. With new technological advancement in this field, we have created fire suppression systems with the capability of containing and quenching almost any class of fire.


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    Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

    In the kitchen, the use of fire suppression systems features more eco-friendly impact. These systems are the more favored and preferred approach to traditional fire extinguishing methods. The kitchen is filled with appliances and equipment capable of causing severe explosions. Kitchen fires including gas, grease, and oil fires can turn out to be very dangerous.

    Commercial and Residential Property Gives:


    • More eco-friendly impact
    • Meets any fire and health requirements
    • Peace of mind
    • Saves you more money on fire hazard insurance policy.

    Tests and Inspections for Fire Suppression Systems

    As a licensed fire suppression establishment, FrontLine provides Fire Suppression System installation, Testing, and Inspection, we make use of only certified fire suppression expert in dispatching our fire suppression tests and inspections.
    FrontLinealso offers wide-ranging fire system solutions to solving various fire protection needs for clients.


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