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Do I Really Need an Alarm System?

Do I Really Need an Alarm System?

When we think of a home security system, the first thing we think about is how home security systems provide protection from burglars. Although this is accurate, the reality is that home security systems do more than just protect your home from break-ins.

On a daily basis, the U.S. fire departments respond to an average of one home fire every 88 seconds. When your home security system is attached to your fire alarm, in the instance of a fire happening in your home, the alarm will sound. Not only will the fire alarm notify you, but alert the fire department as well. When your fire alarm is attached to your home security system you are more likely to increase your chances of saving the lives in your home and your personal belongings.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless gas that when inhaled can be fatal. Each year it is estimated that 430 people die from accidental CO poisoning and approximately 50,000 people visit the ER with accidental CO poisoning. Like a fire alarm, if carbon monoxide sensors are added to your home security system, and carbon monoxide is detected in your home, the authorities are notified and help is on the way immediately.

Lastly, home security systems give you the peace of mind that everyone deserves. With ever-changing technology, we now have the opportunity to monitor our homes 24/7 whether we are present or not from our smartphone devices. We can go about our daily lives when we have the reassurance that our family, pets, and personal belongings are safe in our homes.

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