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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Systems

Smart Home Security

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Smart Home Plus
24/7/365 Frontline Customer Service
Licenced Monitoring
Police, Medical and Fire Monitoring
Backup Power Supply
1 Yard Sign
1 GoControl Panel  
3 Door/Window Contacts  
1 Wireless Motion Detector  
Wireless Equipment  
Touchscreen Panel  
Two-way Voice  
Smartphone Control    
Text/Email Alerts    
Severe Weather Alerts    
1 Appliance Module    
1 Smart Thermostat      
1 Indoor Camera        
Lifetime Warranty  
24/7 UL-Licensed Monitoring

Additional Equipment

FrontLineSystem Converter
FrontLinePremium Keypad
FrontLineBasic Keypad
FrontLineDoor Lock
FrontLineWireless Doorbell
FrontLineCarbon Monoxide
FrontLineSmoke/Heat Sensor
FrontLineMedical/Panic Pendant
FrontLineGlass Break Sensor
FrontLineWireless Remote
FrontLineHD IP Camera
FrontLineSmart Thermostat
FrontLineLamp/Appliance Module
FrontLineMotion Sensor
FrontLineDoor/Window Sensor

Additional Security Equipment

Home security shouldn’t be difficult to acquire and understand. We all deserve peace of mind that comes from securing our family and home by a reputable, alarm and security monitoring company. With Frontline Smart Security, you will be provided with the entire necessary equipment that will add security and protection to the ones you love.

In the past home security systems and cameras were entirely based on CCTV or any closed-circuit technology, which requires cable connections at home. Now, most of the home security systems require no cables, have cloud-based storage and are digitalized. In addition to that, with the combination of internet, your smartphone, and home security systems, we will provide you a view of live feed anywhere you are using your internet-connected devices. Frontline is one of the best security systems company, providing wide options for home security and alarm systems.   We also provide additional security equipment to ensure the optimum protection that you desire.

  • Lighting – Turn your lights on and off remotely, and have them on when you walk in the door automatically or set it to a schedule when you’re on vacation in order to make your house look like someone is home.
  • Door Locks – Integrate your door locks seamlessly with your smart devices in order to customize and control with real-time visibility your automation options. You door will lock automatically when the system is alarmed and you will get notifications when the door is unlocked. You can also assign several unique user codes for the temporary access.
  • Thermostats – Change or adjust your thermostats setting from anywhere and anytime and instantly receive a notification if someone changes it. This is capable of optimizing your home climate through the use of the entire available sensor data, your locations, as well as the weather conditions.
  • Image Sensor – We provide an advanced PIR (Passive Infrared) image sensor that’s integrated with a camera taking quick pictures when a motion is detected and will be sent to you afterwards. At any time of the day, you will be able to what’s going on your place immediately. You can now have a glance of your place wherever you are.
  • Motion Sensors – This provides safety net when an intruder somehow gained an access in your home. Motion sensors will be installed in the traffic area like hallways to sense the infrared heat pattern of human body. We are providing an infrared motion sensor which is sophisticated enough to allow your small pets to freely transverse the monitored areas without having the alarm triggered.
  • Door/Window Sensors – Door/Window Sensor is activated when a secured window or door is opened while the system is completely armed.
  • Glass Break Sensor – this is designed to be used in large expanse of glass like picture window, which can easily be broken to provide an entryway for unauthorized people without opening the window or door. Our glass break sensors are capable of recognizing frequency and the digital sound pattern of the breaking glass. This is one very valuable addition in your security system.
  • Smoke/Heat Sensor – the smoke detectors are very important especially when a fire broke out at the middle of the night in order to wake up the sleeping occupants and have enough time to escape. This will be connected to your security system which means our monitoring personnel will immediately be alerted to provide you help in case of fire break out.
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor – being called as the “silent killer”, a colorless and odorless gas called carbon monoxide has recently been considered as a lethal hazard present at homes. Our carbon monoxide sensor will be placed in your sleeping areas, and just like the Smoke Sensors, this can save your life during the most vulnerable time of your day.
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Home security alarm system is currently marketed as highly effective crime deterrent for residential properties. When a potential intruder attempts entry to your home, your alarm system will serve as your warning. Furthermore, incredibly piercing and loud noise that your home alarm system produces is an effective attempt to scare away burglars. Apart from frightening intruders, the security alarm is also meant to get the attention of your neighborhood and in the chance to call a police to respond.

Ease of Use
Thanks to the digital innovation, home alarm system is now very simple to use. All you have to do is to enter short numerical codes to activate and deactivate your home security system. This simple addition also relieves the hassle and stress that you might encounter when you accidentally set the security system off after leaving or before entering the area to which it is installed or set up to monitor.

Rapid Response
Some security alarm already comes with a camera monitoring which allows one to remotely monitor their homes even without being physically present in their abode. When your alarm has a security monitoring, then, information is instantly transmitted to your internet-connected device, hence, making it easier to take action if unwanted intrusion occurs.
Thanks to the power and innovative features of security alarm, keeping your valuables and family safe all the times is now made better.