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Why Frontline?

At Frontline we have broad services to help you feel secure, save energy and money and have the best experience at your home or workplace.
We mainly focus on security, home entertainment, solar energy and commercial services.

Frontline Smart Security Services
Our goal is to provide our clients the necessary protection

for the things that they value: possessions, home, and ultimately family. We provide fast, free and reliable action for service calls, and give great importance by not letting you talk to a robot or machine because our company exists for one reason: giving you complete peace of mind. Let us be you frontline for alarm security and securing camera systems.

Frontline Solar Energy
Solar Energy
There are many reasons why homeowners in the Rio Grande Valley should go solar, specially with Frontline.

We take pride into helping our customers save money, help the environment and create energy independence. As the best investment as a home owner, our solar panels are able to power great amounts of electricity for your home. We like to remind our customers that at Frontline we use the best solar equipment that will take a big role into them accomplishing savings and returns.

Home Entertainment Service
Home Entertainment
You can now have the theater experience at the tips of your fingers.

Our products are capable of transforming your home from regular to smart, sophisticated and modern. Our products include screens, speakers, projectors and more! Your own home theater system is personalized based on your unique requirements and the good news is that at Frontline we have a home theater solution for every situation.

Multimedia Home System Pharr TX
Commercial Services
It’s important to feel safe in the workplace and we got you covered!

Investing on a security system is very important for your business, since you can prevent theft, fire damage, and more! There are different ways that you can protect your business by having access control, video surveillance, and environmental systems.