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8 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe During The Summer

      1.- Don’t open the door for strangers. When you’re home alone, avoid opening the door for people you don’t know. If someone happens to stop by, instead of simply ignoring them, tell them through the door that you are not interested.
      2.- Use outdoor lighting. Investing in high quality sensors for the outdoors can illuminate a burglar in the middle of the night and scare them away.
      3.- Ask neighbors for assistance. If you’re heading out of town for vacation, it’s important to let your neighbors know beforehand. They can assist in helping retrieve mail and checking for any suspicious activity. That way, in the event that they happen to notice anything suspicious, they will alert you and the police.
      4.- Keep up with your lawn. Always make sure to cut your grass and trim your hedges before going out of town. Shrubs can give burglars a place to hide and tall grass indicates that you may not be home.
      5.- Leave your vehicle at home. If you’re heading out of town via airplane, take an Uber or Lyft to the airport. When people pass by your house they will always assume someone is home with the cars in the driveway.
      6.- Hide your spare key. Leaving a spare key outside your home gives direct access to a burglar who may be trying to enter in.
      7.- Lock your windows and doors. It’s important to check every window and door before going to bed or leaving the house. An unsecured window or door gives open access to a burglar.
      8.- Invest in home security. A home security system doesn’t just alert the authorities right away, but intimidates a burglar. A home security system will give you the proper peace of mind whenever you are away from your house.
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